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Top professionals to write purchase contracts and prepare offers virtually. Quick and easy home solutions for ready buyers. 


How it Works

1. Request a Purchase Offer

Request to submit an offer to purchase a home and we help prepare the best terms you want to present. Provide your approval letter or proof of funds to get started. It's simple! 

2. Review and Send Contract Package

Review the purchase offer with your terms with all required addendum(s). Once the offer is signed by the buyer(s), we will send the offer to the agent or seller and monitor status.

3. Transaction Management

When your offer is accepted we will manage the process from contract to close. We work with all parties to protect deposits, critical dates and deadlines.

Fast Offer. Quick Solution

When confident in your home choice an agent is there to prepare the contract terms and finalize the sale.  

Keyboard and Mouse

Real Estate the Virtual Way

Discover what it means to use a Virtual Real Estate Agent on demand. for a specific service or task. Get more with convenience.

Make offers anytime without the hassle of finding an agent

Be flexible with no long term agent commitment

Help homeowners complete a purchase contract to save cost

Avoid missing a "Highest and Best" deadline every time

With RealtyCarte, buyers receive up to 1.5% of the buyers agent commission.

*For MLS listings only. See FAQ below.

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Select Offer Type

Offer for MLS Listings

Not sure what to offer and need an expert to review comparables and prepare the best offer and terms. Our experts will help structure a competitive and convincing offer to increase your chance of acceptance.

Offer for Non MLS Listings

Already have the terms you want to offer that the seller will accept. We'll prepare the necessary documents needed to successfully transfer title between parties. Let our team and title company guide you.

The offer deadlines must be more than one hour for MLS listings.

Let Our Team of Virtual Agents Guide You

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Professionals you can trust

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Realtors with experience

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Our skills and market intelligence

A virtual real estate agent (VREA) works remotely ready to serve the needs of active home buyers. This service is for contract writing, negotiations, and transaction management only. There are no in-person or virtual home tours with a VREA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request other services?

When it comes to real estate there is so much to offer. However, at the moment you can only request a real estate agent to negotiate and submit a purchase offer.

Do I have to sign an agreement?

Buyers are required to sign a limited representation agreement needed to fulfill a specific offer request. The agreement is for a short-term representation period based on a specific property.

How much does it cost and when do I pay?

There is no cost to submit offers or write contracts. The agent is paid a real estate commission by the seller for their services. Commissions are earned when the transaction closes.

What is the turnaround time?

Real estate agents are flexible with their schedule. Upon receiving the request, the response time is within minutes. Our agents are equipped to writing and submitting offers in less than 1-hour.

How do the buyer receive a percent of the Buyers Agent Commission?

When using a virtual real estate agent you receive up to 1.5% of the buyers agent commission. This can be used towards closing cost or can leverage the amount to make a very attractive offer. The amount to buyer is based on the percentage offered to a Buyers Agent.

What can I expect?

A virtual real estate agent will guide you through the entire process of your request. Timely updates, follow ups, and great customer service. We have experienced professionals for your service needs.

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